The Twilight Zone

I am flying from JFK to VIE tonight, a car dropped me at terminal 4 at 16:00, and by 16:15 I had been through check-in and security. New security check program, I got to keep everything on me, belt, coins, jacket, rings, shoes. No need to take iPad out of bag.

I must have been transferred to a parallel universe, or 20 years back in time…

Published by Paolo Belcastro

As a true European nomad, and after Italy, France, and Switzerland, Paolo currently lives in Vienna, from where he leads the Spectrum Division for Automattic and the WordCamp Europe 2017 crew. When not thinking about WordPress, he is usually absorbed by his other passion, photography. Paolo lives online at

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  1. Update: Swiss decided to upgrade me fit free to business… not sure where I am, but please don’t send me back…

  2. When I travel, I’m constantly waiting for disaster to strike. 🙂 I’d love to have more trips like the one you’re describing though!

  3. Because you’re luuuucky 👽 And also watch out for the thing : no Ipad to be found in the specified time zone 😁

  4. *The 20 years back thing

    Yeah, I know by now I should stop putting funny signs that erase my words. But every time I use these “…” it seems the screen is going to quote it with fingers.

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