I think we can agree that there is no universal recipe for happiness, and also that a few prerequisites, while not absolutely* necessary, do help: health, shelter, food.

Beyond these, here are my three very general rules for happiness, they work for me, I hope others can make something out if them:

  1. Keep learning.
  2. Things don’t matter, happiness comes only from life.
  3. Life comes to an end, eventually. The pain is a reminder of all the happiness it generated, without the one, you’d never feel the other.

These are valid for me, today, they have no pretense of representing any truth, just a step in a long journey.

*¬†I want to believe it’s also possible to be happy when some of these or missing, but I can’t be sure, I’ve been lucky so far.

By Paolo Belcastro

As a true European nomad, and after Italy, France, and Switzerland, Paolo currently lives in Vienna, from where he leads the Spectrum Division for Automattic and the WordCamp Europe 2017 crew. When not thinking about WordPress, he is usually absorbed by his other passion, photography. Paolo lives online at

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