Trust and friendship are literally awesome

Interesting New Yorker’s article about Google’s new logo or better, using it as a pretext to describe what kind of promise Google was at launch, and what it has become.

I find especially intriguing the author noting that by changing logo, Google

… has symbolically diluted our trust, which it originally had for all the right reasons.

Of course she ends using the plural form

We loved the old logo, and we loved what Google was. Whatever it’s up to, whatever its intentions, Google should want to keep our love. So in the name of love, Google, give us back our serifs.

to convince the readers that she speaks for all of us.

I, for once, like this new logo much more than the old one. I trust Google’s products, as in I am confident they will do what I expect from them, but I have no illusion that Google Alphabet, the company, will serve any other interests than theirs.

Trust is a very powerful feeling; I don’t like the way the word is becoming ubiquitous, and “diluting or breaking trust” becomes a synonym of “disappointing”.

After “Literally”, “Awesome”, “Friendship”, and so many others, should we add “Trust” to the list of words that have lost their original meaning because publishing words has become so easy?

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By Paolo Belcastro

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