Five years at Automattic

Five years ago I took a trip from Geneva, where I was living at the time, to Vienna to join my Automattic team for a meetup, on the very first day of my full-time job here.

I have seen the company grow from about 70 to more than 430 people distributed across more than 50 countries.

I have travelled, about average probably compared to my fellow Automatticians, but quite a lot by normal standards: 500,000km, across 61 trips, in 16 countries, 51 cities over 420 days.

I have learned more than I expected I could learn in such a timeframe, I have taught, I have shared, I have enjoyed every moment of it.

I am happy, and proud, to be part of such a wonderful team: thank you Automattic!

I am looking forward to the next five years!


Posted by Paolo Belcastro

As a true European nomad, and after Italy, France, and Switzerland, Paolo currently lives in Vienna, from where he leads the Spectrum Division for Automattic and the WordCamp Europe 2017 crew. When not thinking about WordPress, he is usually absorbed by his other passion, photography. Paolo lives online at

5 Replies to “Five years at Automattic”

  1. Congrats, Paolo!


    1. Thank you!

  2. So good to see people happy 🙂


  3. Five years ago I took a trip from Sofia to Vienna to crash another team’s meetup and there was this new guy with a Leica 🙂


    1. One city, one guy, one camera, one lens.

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