Day nine

My friend Totoro…

During a recent trip to Amsterdam with my team we decided to go for a group activity: tattoos!

As I was thinking about what I would like to see on my skin permanently, I remembered that this is the sticker I use more often in Telegram:

I always loved Totoro, and I love that expression, it works so well as reply to so many messages…

So here's my new friend Totoro, looking at the world from the top of my right sock, and questioning the meaning of what he sees:

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By Paolo Belcastro

Paolo is a modern nomad: after Italy, France, and Switzerland, he now lives in Vienna, Austria from where he works on Automattic's Jetpack and .blog products. Passionate photographer, he also dedicates his free time to his family, cats, and hobbies. Working remotely since 1994, managing distributed teams since 1998, he firmly believes that remote work is the key to peaceful coexistence for 10 billion humans.

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