Day 10

Just two weeks ago, I was in Paris, on the eve of WordCamp Europe 2017.

Today, after wrapping up the event, paying the last vendor invoice,  gathering feedback from the team and sharing mine, we had one last hangout.

wceu17-badge-square_organizer I have been involved with WordCamp Europe in a role or another since the first edition in 2013, helping with volunteers in Leiden, in charge of them in Sofia, wrangling sponsors in Seville, leading the local logistics here in Vienna, and finally leading the global team in Paris.

Today, after that last hangout I left the WCEU Slack team so they can start preparing for 2018. From participating in this great (but crazy) adventure, I keep incredible memories, many good friends, lots of experience, and the exhilarating feeling of having given back to the WordPress community a bit of what it has given me.

From leaving the team after five editions of the event, I get a tonne of extra time to do other things and find other ways to participate to the WordPress project.

WordCamp Europe 2018 will happen in Belgrade in June, next year. I have total confidence in Jenny and Milan and the teams they’ll build to organise the best WCEU ever, and I am looking forward to enjoying 100% of it from the attendance for the first time!

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By Paolo Belcastro

Paolo is a modern nomad: after Italy, France, and Switzerland, he now lives in Vienna, Austria from where he works on Automattic's Jetpack and .blog products. Passionate photographer, he also dedicates his free time to his family, cats, and hobbies. Working remotely since 1994, managing distributed teams since 1998, he firmly believes that remote work is the key to peaceful coexistence for 10 billion humans.

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