Am Ring

I have been publishing primarily black and white over the past six months, as I try to focus on light and composition while building back the habit of making photos every day.

My camera is set to B&W, and I usually don’t even see the color version. Every once in a while, there’s one image that piques my curiosity.

I am glad to have checked this one in colors, as I like it much more this way. I hope you do too. 🙂

P.S.: I ended up going through all my 2021 B&W photos, just in case.
I stand by my original choice for most of them, but there is a handful that I actually like in both versions; I’ll post them in the next few days.

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By Paolo Belcastro

Paolo is a modern nomad: after Italy, France, and Switzerland, he now lives in Vienna, Austria from where he works on Automattic's Jetpack and .blog products. Passionate photographer, he also dedicates his free time to his family, cats, and hobbies. Working remotely since 1994, managing distributed teams since 1998, he firmly believes that remote work is the key to peaceful coexistence for 10 billion humans.

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