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by Paolo Belcastro

👋 Hello Morftenighter!

I am running late once more, which is intriguing as I am drafting an essay about focus and prioritisation that contains all the keys to solve this...

In 30 minutes, it will be officially Thursday, which, last time I checked, is the day after Wednesday and not an extension of it.

That's why I am keeping this short and proceeding to Morfternight, the newsletter that goes out on Wednesday!



I've been working on a few series about people in the city, particularly one that I call "Focus" on people absorbed by their pocket computer, and one I named "Walk" about people walking. This one is at the crossroads of the two!
More Photos...


I have been enjoying for a while John Gruber's Talk Show. The episodes are long, though. Unfortunately, I don't always have enough time. I also really appreciate Ben Thompson's Stratechery newsletter, but that's almost every day and also long, so I can't always read it entirely.

That's why I particularly appreciate the Dithering podcast, where these two great analysts quickly dissect tech in two episodes of 15 minutes each per week. I never miss one.


State of the Word 2021

Every year Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress, delivers a "keynote reflecting on the project progress, the future of open-source software, and more."

For the Morfters familiar with WordPress, this needs no more introduction. However, for those who wouldn't be familiar with WordPress, it is a great way to discover the project and the community that power 43% of the web.

If you have missed the live stream, here's the recording.
Screenshot 2021-12-16 at 00.21.20

Vienna-Paris-Vienna, like the old times.


ÖBB, the Austrian railroads, just launched a new route. Two Nightjets, NJ468 & NJ469, are now travelling three times a week, by night, from Vienna to Paris and back, via Munich, Stuttgart, Strasbourg.

It takes longer than flying, and it's not even cheaper in most cases. Still, it's good for our planet, the train has a much lower carbon footprint than the plane, and you can actually get a cabin with only one bed if you are alone, or two as a couple, with your own bathroom, shower included, and breakfast service.

Also, while it does indeed take longer, you travel by night, leaving Vienna at 19.40 to arrive in Paris at 9.42, or leaving Paris at 19.58 to reach Vienna at 10.12

In the end, you get more of the arrival day in the city than if you were flying.
Screenshot 2021-12-15 at 21.41.34

🤯 🤩 🥳 😳

Humanity has officially touched the Sun (or, at least, one of its probes has)
You can read a quick summary of what this means on The Register by clicking on the title above, or you can dive deeper on the NASA website.

If you are so inclined, you can watch this five minutes video instead of reading :)
Screenshot 2021-12-15 at 22.07.13


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