issue 005 2021-10-27


by Paolo Belcastro


Hello Morftenighter!

Before diving in, let's talk about this white background!

If you have been a Morfternighter for more than one week, you know my previous issues were sporting white text on a black background. If you just joined, first of all, welcome, and second you can see the previous issues here.

Back to the background colour, I WOULD LOVE to know which one you prefer. I personally find the black one more stylish, and this one easier to read. Let me know your preference by replying to this email, and let's make this choice together!

With that out of the way, we should talk about the fact I just referred to y'all as "Morfternighters"... Yes, I think we all are. So, from here on, I will liberally refer to us, the Community of the Morfternight, as Morfternighters or Morfters when in a hurry. So, let's carry the title with pride, and together, stand out from the crowd!

Last but not least, I am also iterating a bit on the format, added a couple of photos, used emoji for titles, little things like that. I will keep trying things as we go, but remember, you are of the Morfternight, and this newsletter is yours as much as mine, so never hesitate to share feedback, criticism, or praise with me. I am one click on that reply button away.

Let's dive into Morfternight, the newsletter that wants you to read it!



I am sure you heard quite a bit of crypto, all sorts of coins, and lately of NFTs, DAOs, DeFi, and other web3 stuff.

If you want to learn more on those, don't count on me to explain anything, I am still exploring and have too much to learn.

You can count on me, though, to share with you essays like Executive Crypto 101: Incentive Re-Design of Finance From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 via Bitcoin & Ethereum, DeFi, NFTs and Identity by Emmy Sobieski, a fellow Write of Passage cohort #7 student.

It is an excellent explanation for non initiated, but it also comes with enough links to dig a much deeper hole for your inner rabbit, should you elect to do so.
To stick with the same theme, I also read this explanation of NFTs that made me smile a few times.
It's an excellent demonstration of how irony and sarcasm can actually help explain abstract concepts. Metaphors too.

Anyway, I found it fun reading I Collect Cashflows, and I hope you will too.
Shifting gears, here's something I wrote myself. It's less of an essay and more of a tutorial about implementing my Personal Knowledge Management system.

I hope you'll find it helpful if you are into those things, or strange enough to be interesting, if you are not...


Welcome to my Second Brain, on Roam

A Personal Knowledge Management system (PKM), or “Second Brain”, has the purpose of offering an effective solution to store, organise, retrieve information and leverage it to increase one’s capacity to create new content.

Let me walk you through the different stages of my PKM:

1. Information Triage and Capture
2. Task Management
3. Note Taking
4. Information Retrieval
5. Content Creation

In other words: Welcome to my Second Brain!

Read more

😳 🤯 😤 🤬 🤣 🤪 🤩

A section for things that tickled my brain, made me sweat, laugh, or get angry at clouds...

A hiker lost on US mountain ignored calls from rescuers because he didn’t recognise the number...

There's something in this story that reminded me of this moment in the West Wing. Gosh, I miss TV shows like that one.
Screenshot 2021-10-27 at 12.12.19
Luckily, the hiker story ended better.


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