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by Paolo Belcastro

👋 Hello Morftenighter!

I hope February is treating you well!

Now is the time for your short break, relax, sit comfortably, and let's spend a few minutes together.

Today we explore the surrounding of crypto and go together over a handful of short essays and threads focused on team and product management.

We have quite some reading to do together, so let's dive in!



The Burggasse U6 station in Vienna. The morning was freezing and windy, but that didn't seem to stop the pigeons from owning the airspace.
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A few exciting updates this week from the world of crypto and web3, no technical jargon, I promise, but interesting perspectives about how these technologies affect society.

We start with the breaking news of the last few days:
The US Justice Dept. Seizes $3.6 Billion in Bitcoin and Arrests Married Couple. The story sounds like a failed pilot for a TV show, including music so terrible that it warrants a conviction by itself. Still, it is an interesting reminder that blockchains, by definition, are pretty bad vehicles for illicit transactions, given that everything can be traced basically forever.
Here's an interesting theory by Dror Poleg about Why the next big thing will look like a scam. In a nutshell, the author underlines that, in our digital age where inventors have direct access to the public, the key to success resides more in appealing to consumers than producing a solid business plan. In that context, whoever invested in an asset, seduced by its appeal, will try to convince more people to invest in it, giving any initiative the allure of a pyramid.
Finally, a word on NFTs. Besides their role as ownership certificates, they are the access keys to communities built around collections or artists. If you want to learn more, go read Welcome to Afterparty: One night at Hollywood's hottest NFT minting party.


January's 🚢 Ship 30 for 30 cohort just wrapped up. It was definitely a great learning and motivating experience. I have already decided to attend again in March.

I am not sure yet what the blog and this newsletter or my Twitter account will look like in the following months, as I'll keep experimenting. The only thing I know for sure is that I'll try to keep writing every day, publishing very regularly, and sending out Morfternight every week.

These are the essays and threads from the past week.
You'll notice the two marked (v1) and (v2): these are two iterations of the same essay. The fact they came so close to each other highlights that, when posting every day, I haven't solved how to integrate a better feedback loop.

Speaking of feedback, before leaving you, I'd love to invite you to hit that reply button, and let me know how you feel bout Morfternight: what you liked, what you think I should improve, or change.


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