issue 021 2022-02-16


by Paolo Belcastro

👋 Hello Morftenighter!

Can you believe it? You are reading issue #21.

Does this mean Morfternight can drink?

More seriously, though, I am happy and proud to announce that we have now reached 200 Morfternighters.

Today I give you a little Panda in a backpack, an incredible thread about time management for leaders, and an insight into how my second brain functions in six very short posts.

If ever I figure out my first brain, I promise I'll write about it. :)

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Little Panda was waiting in line to get a hot chocolate and a donut; I couldn't resist snapping a picture!
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I'll recommend only one piece to read this week. Because it's long and so good, I don't think I should increase the chances you don't read it by offering more choice! :)
Advanced time management principles:
(for senior product managers & leaders)
By Shreyas Doshi


I broke down how my second brain works in six atomic essays. I'd be very curious to know if this is a better format than the previous attempt I published a few months ago.


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