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by Paolo Belcastro

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Here's to 2022, bringing you everything you wish.

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Today we discuss publishing more frequently, consistency, and open web.

It is January 5th, and this is Morfternight, the newsletter that enters its second year!



I am getting slowly more comfortable in close-up encounters.
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I am participating in 🚢 Ship 30 for 30, a cohort-based course/community/challenge to increase my frequency of publication from weekly to possibly daily.

Don't worry though, Morfternight will remain weekly for the foreseeable future. I will just have a wider variety of content to share each week. :)

We barely started, but I have a good feeling about this thing. The first live session is tomorrow. So I'll see if that confirms it.

One of the ideas I already like is that it is crucial to set some constraints that will limit the opportunities to postpone and procrastinate to be very consistent. If this rings a bell, it's probably because I recently wrote about how Constraints Spark Creativity.

One of these constraints is to ease into publishing daily by limiting essays to 300 words. These are called Atomic Essays.

Technically the 30-day challenge starts on Saturday, but I decided to warm up by kicking it off today.


How I increased my blog's traffic by 500%

We begin the series by sharing stats demonstrating that consistency and frequency of publication matter.

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I mentioned a few times in my posts that I work for Automattic. It's way more than a job; I believe profoundly in the company's mission. I often have a hard time explaining it to friends or family because what we do is such a long game that many people haven't yet taken measure of the problems we are trying to solve.
Our founder and CEO profile by Protocol's David Pierce will definitely make that part easier. If you ever wonder what the alternative is to the omnipresent closed platforms owned by Meta (f.k.a. Facebook), Google, and others, read it!

Can Matt Mullenweg save the internet?


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