issue 028 2022-04-06


by Paolo Belcastro

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ Hello Morftenighter!

Greetings from San Francisco, a city of contrasts.

It's also a city in California, nine hours in the past compared to Vienna, so you are receiving this issue of Morfternight a bit late, even though I am sending it a bit early. :)

I mentioned a while ago how I like to use a simple 2x2 matrix framework to make sense of things. It's an oversimplified approach, but it helps me clarify my thoughts.

I was thinking lately about how I feel education tries to improve our chances of success but mostly gets it wrong.

I am specifically focusing on two metrics:
  • Effort: does a task represent a high effort or a low effort?
  • Reward timeframe: is the result immediate or delayed.
I believe that humans are historically comfortable in the lower leftmost quadrant of this matrix. For the longest time, as hunters/gatherers, we tried to minimize efforts to conserve energy and didn't have the luxury to wait for long-term rewards.

As we evolved, society tells us that we should aim for the opposite and provide high efforts for a very long time to get any result. That's how we end up working for a lifetime to save a few bucks to enjoy our latest years.


In reality, the most effective approach is to focus on consistency, performing low effort tasks with a delayed reward regularly for a very long time, and occasionally burst into high energy for a short timeframe.

Think training for a competition, building a business, writing, etc.

Here's me trying to illustrate this concept with a little drawing:
Life 2


πŸ–€ SF

I woke up at 6:00 this morning, and this was the view from my window.
More Photos...


I am seriously enjoying learning in cohort-based courses. So, as Pencil Pirates reaches its end soon, I signed up for Daniel Vassallo's Small Bets course, which has been recommended by quite a few people, notably Louie Bacaj, the most interesting of all Write of Passage mentors.


I particularly enjoyed this week listening to this episode of Films To Be Buried With, Brett Goldstein's podcast, featuring Jameela Jamil.


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