issue 029 2022-04-13


by Paolo Belcastro

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ Hello Morftenighter!

I am back home, in Vienna, where after more than two years of a cat & mouse game, the coronavirus, more commonly known as "Rona," caught up with me.

So far, it hasn't been crazy. Two days of what feels like strong flu, but I have seen way worse. Here's to a trained immune system, I guess.

I am not out of it yet, though. I am taking advantage of the low fever a couple of hours after taking medications to write this, but I'll keep it short.
It's a bit crazy. Everyone seems to be catching Covid.

2022 might be the year we all realize that reality is not aligned with the news cycle. The war in Ukraine is still ongoing and really started eight years ago. Covid is still an issue, and sending Trump away hasn't solved all the problems that came with him.



As I mentioned last week, San Francisco is a city of contrasts. Don't get me wrong, poor and rich people exist everywhere; they are not exclusive to San Francisco.

It strikes me as odd that an industry self-invested with the mission of solving all of humanity's problems with technology seems to have no care for the ones in their backyard.
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I have mentioned focus in the past. I deeply believe that the incredibly low barriers to entry that the software industry offers are also the biggest threat all its actors face.

Here's a very short article by Andrew "Boz" Bosworth, Meta's CTO, about the dangers of a lack of focus and how to fix it: Half Staffed is Unstaffed.


Here's one of the top three ways to invest three hours of your time this week.

The other two, I'll let you figure out on your own. :)

β€’ Balaji Srinivasan: The Network State with @balajis and @ShaneAParrish
Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 20.00.40
Balaji Srinivasan talks about many subjects, but one I found particularly interesting in the present context is the notion of 51% democracy vs. 100% democracy.

For the third time in recent history, a far-right candidate is on the second tour of the French Presidential election. If it wasn't sad, I'd smile at the fact that this happened three times but only concerns two people and one family.

What's really concerning, though, is that the two candidates reaching the second tour barely got 51% of the votes together, and that is counting only valid ballots.

If one puts abstentions and blank votes into the mix, the two frontrunners total 37.35% of the votes. (in french)

This means that whoever gets elected, probably with a margin of a few percent, will be the preferred candidate of barely 20% of French voters at best.

It doesn't seem realistic to be able to proceed with any deep reforms in such conditions.


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