The Newsletter That Tickles Our Brains — issue 030|2022-04-20

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👋 I am pleased to greet you today with regained health and a virus-free system!

To celebrate the 30 weeks of Morfternight, the newsletter that keeps reaching your inbox, I also decided to refresh and simplify the layout and styles. I hope you'll like it.

I am not a designer. I have worked with enough of them during my career to know how dangerous it is, even in the context of something as simple as a newsletter, to entertain thoughts like, "Oh, I am going to just refresh this quickly; how hard can it be?" 😬

To avoid getting "lost in design," then scrap all changes on Wednesday in a rush, I decided to adopt a strict process:
  1. First, identify every element annoying me in the previous layout and styles.
  2. Then, remove anything that could be removed without altering readability.
  3. Finally, adjust the few leftovers from 1. that didn't go away in 2. to my taste.
The benefit of this plan is to break down the overwhelming process into smaller phases. I get value from each step, which means that should anything interrupt me, I'll have made progress and not wasted my time.

I try to apply these principles to everything I do, alone or with larger teams because we live in a world where interruptions are the norm, not the exception. Context is also extremely dynamic, and the ability to change future plans without wasting past efforts is crucial to being successful over the long term.

In the end, this email you are reading is where I landed this week. I would love to hear your feedback and keep iterating together.
👀 I spent some time this week visiting the 6529 Museum District, the first district of OM, as in Open Metaverse, launched by 6529.
If you want to know what this whole NFT thing means without any technical jargon, just click on the image, dive into the Museum District, and visit the collections!
🔮 The odds you haven't heard of Elon Musk's offer to acquire Twitter and the subsequent drama are extremely low, but before we talk about that, here's an interview of Musk by Chris Anderson, the founder of TED, recorded last week in Austin, Texas, and focused about the future:
Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 00.25.12
Here are the same two, on stage at TED 2022 in Vancouver, Canada a few days later. This conversation is focused more on Elon Musk himself and he covers his reasons to try and buy Twitter.
Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 00.07.08
To offer a counterpoint to Elon's considerations about free speech here's an extremely interesting take on the problem of moderation in the context of a social network:
Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 00.42.57

That's it for today! You can find more of my stuff on, and if you think that someone you know could enjoy Morfternight, the newsletter to share, please forward it to them or send them this link to subscribe. Cheers! Paolo

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