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These last weeks have been quite a whirlwind! First, I started following Write of Passage, a cohort-based course on writing online. It is outstanding across the board, from the theory, to the techniques, the community, the mentors, and the practice.

As part of this practice I started writing, and publishing one essay each week on my blog, and now I am diving into the new (to me) world of Newsletters.

This is the very first one. Thank you so much for reading it. I hope you'll enjoy it, but please do not hesitate to get in touch with feedback, criticism, wishes, or even just to say hi! :)

I am trying to give it a bit of structure, so you know what to expect. Of course, this is a learning process, so expect changes and iteration.

A photo from last week

📷 Paolo Belcastro

Something to read

This is an essay I published last week, where I share the system I built in my life to compensate for some of my weaknesses. Hacking one's environment to enable better behaviours is a powerful trick!

Constraints Spark Creativity

I am not very good at making small decisions. Over time, I built a system to avoid getting stuck in those situations. It works by transforming a series of recurring small decisions into a bigger one with a higher impact.

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A place to visit

A Digital Garden experiment

I started a journey a few months ago, and I hope it will lead me to share my thought in a much more public way. and Morfternight, the newsletter you are reading, are two aspects of this process.

At the foundation, there is my Personal Knowledge Management system. Now I plan to write about how it works extensively soon, but its contents, by default, are private as that's the place where I put all my notes.

I have been reading more and more though about ideas like Learning in Public and Digital Gardens. In a nutshell, it's about having a way to share those thoughts and notes that, while not yet sufficiently refined to be published, are ready to become public, be discussed and receive feedback.

This place is my Digital Garden. Feel free to visit it, but be warned that it's still just a patch of dirt, with a shed in the back containing a few tools by the garden metaphor.


A section for things that tickled my brain, made me sweat, laugh, or get angry at clouds...

In the past few months, not one, not two, but three private companies have sent civilians to space.

I found fascinating the differences in approaches and philosophies between those companies that I'll summarise in two fictitious statements.

Virgin Galactic / Blue Origin:

What's the shortest distance we can send our bosses to so they can call themselves astronauts and we can sell tickets to tourists?

Space X:

Let's send four civilians beyond the ISS, in case anyone has any doubts, and raise a f-ton of money for charity along the way.

I know, I am oversimplifying a bit, but still... ;)


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