issue 003 2021-10-13


by Paolo Belcastro


Hello reader!

Tomorrow is the end of Write of Passage (WoP), the cohort-based course I have followed for the past six weeks.

A cohort-based course is an online education program where, instead of getting access to lectures on video, exercises and assignments to do alone at your own pace, you attend live classes and practical sessions with a few hundred other students.

It was a stimulating experience! You and I both owe it this newsletter.

I am glad I am reaching the end, though. WoP main sessions are scheduled in the middle of the European night on weekdays and the mentorship sessions on weekends.

I am basically jetlagged! Maybe, after 18 months without travelling, I was missing that feeling...

As the course ends, I have three goals to commit to. First, continue sending Morfternight each Wednesday.
Second, keep the current rhythm of one essay per week.
Third, stop writing in the middle of the night! It is 2:30 (AM for my American friends) right now.

Let's dive into Morfternight, the newsletter that does not sleep!

A photo from last week

📷 Paolo Belcastro

Something to read

Good Morfternight!

For more than ten years, I have been leading teams at Automattic, a company of close to 1,800 people across 90 countries.

We are a fully distributed company, and every employee works from the location of their choice.

The majority of the communication is text-based and happens asynchronously, yet meetings still exist.

I share a few tips for meeting organisers that have helped me run successful meetings over the years.

Read more

A place to visit

Here's the first of three videos by Everyday Astronaut interviewing Elon Musk, while he gives a full tour of SpaceX's Starbase facility where spaceships are made. The other two parts are directly accessible from there.

It's a bit long, I'll give you that, but super interesting. That is if you like rockets, or Elon, or both.
Visit Starbase


A section for things that tickled my brain, made me sweat, laugh, or get angry at clouds...

During WoP, I attended weekly sessions with two mentors, Juliette Chevalier and Louie Bacaj. They were supported by Charlie Bleecker. They are all alumni from previous cohorts. They are also fantastic human beings from whom I learned a ton. Check out their sites and their newsletters; I love receiving them weekly!
In other news, the world is upside down, as usual.

Beginning with France, stacking contradictions on a pile that could reach the Moon. Read this New York Times article to laugh or cry about it.

Pursuing with this Wall Street Journal and this crazy story about ship crews abandoned on random oceans without food, money, or a way to get home.

Finally, I am sure you are glad to learn that Instagram is developing a "it's not you, it's me" feature to alert users when they go down, so people stop thinking that the world has ended and the apocalypse is near.


That's it for today! You can find more of my stuff on, and if you think that someone you know could enjoy Morfternight, the newsletter to share, please forward it to them or send them this link to subscribe.


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