issue 004 2021-10-20


by Paolo Belcastro


Hello Friend!

Let's start this issue with two quotes:

“If knowledge was the answer, we’d all be billionaires with six pack abs”Derek Sivers

“Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work” – Albert Einstein

I like the idea that, at the end of the day, showing up and doing the work beats any innate talent.

I do realise it would be naive to assume that this applies everywhere and to everyone, and that's a shortcut I won't take.

There are sadly gaps in starting conditions that no amount of work can bridge.

Yet I believe that the power of consistency is wildly underestimated, which is why I am here, for the fourth week in a row, and I hope one of many more, writing to you, my friend.

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A photo from last week

Mystery Door
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Something to read

Distributed vs Remote

The future of work is remote, or even better, distributed, an evolution that the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated in the past 18 months.

These two concepts are fundamentally different. In this essay, I highlight the differences between distributed and remote work. I also make a case for why distributed organisations are more effective than traditional or remote ones.

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A place to visit

Biblioteca Vasconcelos, Mexico City. 600,000 books. I wonder how many Kindles that would fill... ;)
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A section for things that tickled my brain, made me sweat, laugh, or get angry at clouds...

Friends & Family

Go check my friend Luca Sartoni's newsletter, The Owl and the Beetle: 3 Droplets of Leadership, 2 Grains of Technology, and 1 Atom of Reflection, every Tuesday!

How Netflix makes product decisions: an A/B test primer

Here's a multi-part series on the Netflix blog to understand how online services can run experiments and scientifically test the impact of user interface changes on their customers' behaviour.

If you have never heard the term "A/B Test", start with the first part, "Decision Ma king at Netflix", before moving on to the second part, "What is an A/B Test?".

If, on the contrary, you are already familiar with the A/B Test concept, you can skip those two and read the third instalment, "Interpreting A/B test results: false positives and statistical significance".

It's a shame that Netflix doesn't dispose of similar tools to make better decisions regarding their staff and handle sensitive situations... or do they?.


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