Last year, in November, on the 12th exactly, as we were driving to the airport in Austin, Texas,  I randomly challenged myself to spend one year drinking no alcohol, and eating no bread.
Interestingly these decisions weren’t even related to any kind of excess during the previous day’s, beside the nostalgia of water that hits me each time I spend one day in the US.
One (leap) year later I am very happy that I succeeded with the first two challenges, despite a year full of travel, restaurants, parties and conferences.
I overall failed with bread though, despite a longest steak of 73 days, 
I’ve been able to drop many bad habits quite easily, from smoking to buying useless things, if only I had a similar success with food…
I guess there’s a new challenge ahead.

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  1. Looking forward to meeting the post-moratorium you 🙂

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