Farewell, old friend

I guess it had to happen: coming back from a trip to Iceland, my old Burton duffle bag gave up.
I purchased it six years ago for my first team meetup, and so I thought this was a good moment to look back at some travel stats.
 Since I joined Automattic, I travelled 624,694 km to 71 cities located in 22 countries, across 83 trips that represented 540 days away from home, or 25% of my time.
I don’t know exactly how that compares to the average Automattician, but what I know for sure is that these numbers don’t even put me anywhere near the top of the Automattic travel leaderboard.
Does this sound appealing to you? Well, we are hiring! 🙂

3 responses

  1. Is it just the wheel? Looks totally fixable!

    1. Unfortunately no, the fabric itself is used down to paper thin in a few strategic places. The plastic back is what made this bag very solid, but it also means that there is a lot of tension where the fabric is attached to the plastic.

  2. Oh noes!! I looooved that bag. Been trying to find similar design ever since with no luck (but I remember buying my Burton carryon because I saw yours). 🙂

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