A Departure from most Social Media Platforms

Conceptual Photography of a person deactivating their social media accounts, laptop screen displaying multiple platforms open, situated in a minimally decorated home office. Dynamic between solitude and digital connectivity explored, wide shot with soft overhead lighting, channeling a documentary style. Photo emanating a sense of liberation and privacy, with a visible cursor hovering over the 'deactivate account' button.

I’ve never dived deep into social media, but with the ever-increasing number of options these days, even a light involvement starts to feel like too much.

Remember the simpler times?

I’d post on my blog, throw a link on Twitter. If old people might find my content interesting, I’d pop it on Facebook too. For photo sharing, Instagram was my go-to.

Now, these platforms have morphed into dumpster fires, showing little to no regard for users’ privacy or ownership rights. As a result, countless new platforms have sprung up to fill the void. For me, it’s become overwhelming. Just last week, Twitter began limiting access to logged-in users, and Meta launched a competitor. These events convinced me that I don’t want to join this race anymore.

So, today, I’m starting to simplify.

My primary content sharing will remain here, on paolo.blog.

I’ll continue to send out my newsletter, Morfternight, every Sunday. While Morfternight is on its way to migrating to WordPress, subscribers need not worry.

You’ll keep receiving it in your inbox.

In addition, I’ll share everything I publish on Mastodon, giving it the benefit of the doubt for its openness. That being said, I’ve stopped running my own Mastodon instance. The costs far outweigh the benefits, and it seems everyone ends up on mastodon.social. This trend makes me question how long it will last as a decentralized platform.

I’ll keep sharing on Tumblr too, although I need to find a way to use the platform more than just republishing my WordPress content. Disclaimer: Tumblr belongs to Automattic, the company I work for, which is why I know I can trust it 100% with preserving users’ privacy and data.

I’m also going to share my photos on Glass. I adore the platform, love sharing with other photographers, and they respect their users.

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Bluesky, or Instagram, know that this is the last post you’ll see from me on these platforms. If you want to keep up with my updates, you know what to do. If not, that’s fine. The world is drowning in content anyway. 🙃



3 responses to “A Departure from most Social Media Platforms”

  1. Luca Sartoni Avatar

    How about TikTok?

    1. Paolo Belcastro Avatar

      I am not much of a dancer… 😉

      1. Mike Stott Avatar
        Mike Stott

        I’d pay to see this 🙂

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