Atomic Review: Nat Personal CRM


Nat is intriguing with its unusual look and feel, small team, and original approach.

Most apps in this space fall into one of two categories:

  • Either they import all your contacts from your address books, calendars, emails, which saves time but leads to an overcrowded database.
  • Or they start as a blank canvas needing lots of manual input.

Nat syncs with your existing data but starts with an empty contact list. Next, you manually select the people important to you. Once you add a person, their full history is automatically populated.


  • Design

As I said, unusual. To be candid, it has a sort of MVP/prototype look and feel, but it’s easy to navigate. Some color gradients are overwhelming, but that’s a personal taste.

  • Performance

The initial sync was quite long, possibly due to API rate limits at Google. However, I had no complaints once it loaded the data, and it reacted quite fast.

  • Platforms

It’s a web app, so it works everywhere. I tested it both on desktop and mobile; it adapted well to both.

  • Integrations

It’s heavily focused on Google products and syncs with Contacts, Calendars, and Gmail. That works fine for me, but it might be a blocker if you use other tools. It is interesting to note that it also has a Stripe integration, which can be useful if you sell products. In my case, it’s irrelevant as I am only looking to track my network.

  • Flexibility

Not very flexible. It makes choices and limits its options to those. For example, you can’t edit contacts, and you can only log interactions, add notes, or send emails.

  • Cost

From $9/month to $29/month. No free plan.


A very interesting option. I need to play with it more to understand if its choices suit me, given the lack of customization options.

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