Atomic Review: Uphabit


The promise of Uphabit sounds exactly like what I am looking for, a “Personal CRM for thoughtful Super Connectors.”

Whatever a “Super Connector” is, the words “Personal CRM” and “thoughtful” were enough to add the app to my list.


  • Design

I am still trying to understand what the app does or what a “Super Connector” is. On top of that, the macOS app is, in fact, the iPad app, with literally no adaptation to larger screens. It’s a terrible experience.

  • Performance

I guess we’ll never know…

I connected the app to my Google calendars. It spent a while importing events, then offered me to deduplicate a bunch of contacts. I clicked to see the list of dupes, and I am still waiting.

  • Platforms

iOS and Android native apps. The macOS app only exists because Macs can run iPad apps, providing a jarring experience.

  • Integrations

A Salesforce integration is promoted heavily on the site, another signal this is not what I am looking for. I am looking for an app to manage my personal relationships, not close deals.

  • Flexibility

No idea. I haven’t been far enough; I can’t make it work.

  • Cost

A free plan allows unlimited contacts but only ten relationships and five introductions, whatever these are. Then you get unlimited relationships for $50/year and unlimited introductions for $70/year.


Not the app I am looking for.

The performance issue might be a fluke, so I won’t eliminate it on that basis, but the terrible macOS experience and the fact I can’t figure out how it works are enough for me not to insist.



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  1. Neil Wainwright Avatar

    Hi Paolo, I’m the founder of UpHabit and we’re so sorry you ran into an issue. It’s certainly not a normal experience for our customers. You’re right that our macOS app is built for iPad compatibility but in March we’re assigning engineers to change it to the full Mac experience. Here’s my calendar if you have some time to go over your experience and share some advice. I’d love to hear from you and learn what more we can do to be better.

    Sincerely, Neil, Founder, UpHabit

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