Back in charge: Phase 2

I mentioned recently the beginning of phase 2. This was referring to my now 7 month old operation “Back in charge“, or my efforts to stop being lazy, not exercising, and eating whatever I want whenever I want.
For the most recent readers, and those who don’t pay much attention over there in the back (I see you), I posted previously a 3 month report.
So, what happened since the end of November?
Still not smoking, reaching the 11 months mark soon.
Training frequency is still good, I went to  33 sessions in the first 3 months, then 64 in the following 4.5 months. Weight was stuck for a while during December and January, partially due to the holidays, partially to me messing a bit around with my diet and basically removing too many carbs. The nutrition aspect was solved as I started seeing a nutritionist monthly, and she helped me balance my diet and reintroduce some carbs at breakfast and lunch.
Training has become definitely more intensive, and the novelty there (which marked the beginning of phase 2) is that I started running a bit.
As the image above shows, I reached just yesterday a new milestone, with 15kg lost since the beginning (it was 10kg after the first 3 months).
Now, what’s really interesting, is the evolution of the % of body fat that went finally below 30% in March (29.4% exactly) and is now down to 27%. Still not ideal, but on its way.
Phase 2 also means a new weekly routine, that I have been trying for the past few weeks, here’s how it goes:

  • Monday: 1 hour strength training with a coach.
  • Tuesday: Treadmill run.
  • Wednesday: 1 hour circuit training with a coach.
  • Thursday: rest, pool, sauna, steam bath.
  • Friday: 1 hour training with a coach, half interval training, half strength.
  • Saturday: rest.
  • Sunday: 5k outside.

As running is pretty new to me (haven’t done it in the past 25 years), I am taking that slowly:

  • On Tuesday, I run on the treadmill, as far as I can, without stopping, I started just above 1km, last Tuesday it was 3km
  • On Sunday, I go for 5km, alternating running and walking. I started by alternating 1km segments (run/walk/run/walk/run), the last time I managed to run 2km, walk 1.5km, then run 1.5km again.
  • I tried once to also run on the treadmill on Thursday, that was a big mistake, I need two days of rest per week.

The goal of phase 2 is now to get comfortable running a full 5k at a good pace, at which point I’ll switch to phase 3 🙂
I don’t have short term weight goals, as long as it goes down slowly I am happy. Long term I’d like to reach 99kg, hopefully in a year or so.
I am writing all this, not to brag, but to keep myself accountable as it helps me progressing, so if you don’t see any news in a while, don’t hesitate to ask!
That’s not the whole truth though, I am also writing this with the hope it could be useful to someone else, somewhere, as if I can do it, well probably everybody can do it.



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  1. Nick Momrik Avatar

    Nice work! Keep it up. I love your attitude about it.

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