Back in charge: the 3 month report

Slightly over three months ago, I posted about my decision to get back in control of my body…

As I set up a program and corresponding goals over one year, I figured that three months in, it was a good moment to post an update.
From Sep 1st, to Nov 30th, there were 91 days, 56 of which I have been home in Vienna, and 35 travelling abroad.
Of these 56 days, 15 were weekend days (my program doesn’t include going to the gym on weekends), and 41 weekdays.
During these 41 weekdays, I went to the gym 33 times, and that is per se a great result for me (I haven’t trained 33 times in the same calendar year since I was 18).
On top of that, I managed to pay attention to what I eat and drink, and with  few exceptions, one weekend each month exactly, I was consistent with my choice to:

  • Not drink any alcohol
  • Not eat any bread
  • Not eat anything containing sugar in the evening
  • Not eat anything outside the three regular daily meals.

The monthly exception is actually part of the rules, a way to accommodate social occasions when I travel, to not turn crazy, and to make it easier to resist to temptations, as I am never more than 30 days away from a weekend where I can do absolutely what I want.
Beyond the 4 rules above, I eat perfectly normally.
As a result, I feel immensely better, as my training gets more intensive I actually see the impact on my daily life, where I have stopped refusing any occasion to make a physical effort.
My scale also shares this point of view:

Oh, I almost forgot… I also hit 6 months without smoking. 🙂



4 responses to “Back in charge: the 3 month report”

  1. Indira Pranabudi Avatar

    Congratulations man!

  2. Daryl L. L. Houston Avatar
  3. Egill Avatar

    Where’s the double-like button when you need it?

  4. Jackie Avatar

    That’s fantastic Paolo! Keep it up!

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