Doing it wrong: flash based checkout

After carefully selecting a Christmas gift, then filling billing and shipping details, here’s the next step of the checkout process:

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 15.22.57 I want to say it feels like 1998, but no, even back then, basing critical steps of a purchase flow on Flash would have been a huge mistake.

The Wikipedia page on Flash mentions a 90% penetration rate for Flash among “internet connected personal computers” (read: iPhones and iPads not counted), which is overly exaggerated even among “personal computers”, considering it’s not even shipped with OS X anymore, and that the numbers come straight from Adobe (well done by the way, Wikipedia, citing three sources, two of which are from and one not having the data anymore ).

Even if that was true though, why would you, on purpose, make it impossible for 10%+ of your users to buy your products?



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