Gluten-free bread, v 0.4

I have decided to learn to make bread, including gluten-free, because the lists of ingredients on the one you can find in shops are scary.
V 0.1, 0.2, and 0.3 were such failures I couldn’t immortalise.
This one at least looks quite nice, but it’s just out of the oven, we haven’t tasted it yet.



6 responses to “Gluten-free bread, v 0.4”

  1. kristenannmoore Avatar

    It does look good! Here’s what I normally do for gf bread if you are interested:

    1. Paolo Belcastro Avatar
      Paolo Belcastro

      Thank you, I will definitely give it a try.

  2. Ben Dwyer Avatar
    Ben Dwyer

    You could also try a pizza stone

  3. Stephane Daury Avatar

    Aaaaaaaaaand? How was it?!?
    How do you bake them? Straight in the oven, or do you use a dutch oven (cast iron vessel)?
    On that note, you might enjoy this guy’s channel:

    1. Paolo Belcastro Avatar
      Paolo Belcastro

      Hmm, not great, didn’t raise enough. I baked it in a iron cast skillet, in the oven.

      1. Stephane Daury Avatar

        v0.5 will get better, but not as good as v0.6 🙂
        Hang in there.

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