Here’s how starting a blog in 2009 changed my life to this day.

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In 2009 we started a blog.

My dear friend Anne and I launched Of course, as anyone who follows me can imagine, she was “Chic,” and I was “Geek.”

I had no idea that C&G would change my life.

The first year we iterated on the format.

The blog’s name defined the areas each of us would cover.

Articles would vary, from short curation pieces to product reviews to deeper dives. At some point, Anne suggested that we should start interviewing personalities. So we prepared a questionnaire inspired by Proust’s but related to our themes. I’ll be candid: Anne did most of the work.

I didn’t seem to find the right person to interview.

For our first anniversary, a life-changing interview.

It was now 2010, the blog was doing well, and we wanted to celebrate.

That’s when it hit me! Chic & Geek was running on WordPress, like all my projects. Who best to interview for Chic & Geek than Matt Mullenweg, the WordPress project co-founder? So we emailed him asking if he’d accept to be interviewed and joined our 64 questions.

He replied with 64 answers, to my surprise and delight.

Research leads to discoveries.

We’d always publish the answers unedited and add an introduction.

During the research for that piece, I discovered Automattic, the company that Matt had founded to focus on WordPress. It didn’t take me long to understand how different from other companies Automattic is and how aligned I was with its organization and mission.

I knew at that point that if ever I worked for someone, it had to be Matt and Automattic.

By the end of the year, I contacted Matt again to offer my services. I did a trial in January 2011 and was hired in February.

Eleven years later, I am happier and prouder than ever to be an Automattician.

(The interview is available in French and English)

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