I am saving time and energy wearing the same thing every day. Here’s how I do it

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Yesterday I wrote about one tip for people who wear clothes and want to save time. These days I am limiting my essays to 300 words, and in that one, I used them all going over the numbers. I was left with one sentence to explain how I do it. So here we go again!

Daily attire

I have 20 grey v-neck t-shirts, 30 black boxer briefs, 20 pairs of black over-the-calf dress socks, and six pairs of jeans (I am hunting for a new model as I can’t find mine anymore).

I also have twenty pairs of invisible socks and six black cargo shorts for hot days.

One could argue that I have to choose which trousers and socks to wear, but really, the weather does that for me.

Technical clothing

I have a few more things, like shorts, socks, t-shirts for the gym, or ski gear. I apply the same principle, and they are all identical. So if I go to the gym (something I haven’t done since March 2020), I can just grab a set and go.

Professional and party attire

“Professional” is a bit of a stretch. I have a drawer of branded t-shirts that I use at company events and conferences, but that’s about it.

I also own a couple of suits that I reserve for special occasions.

Climate control

I have a heavy jacket for the winter and a light one for spring and fall. I also own a few hats and gloves. But, once more, the weather dictates my choices.

People often ask me about pullovers: I don’t wear any.

Indoor temperatures are incredibly stable all year long. I have a couple of hoodies for the holidays when it gets a bit chilly in the evening.

But I mostly own them to feel I belong to the tech industry… 😉

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