New day, new format

As we reached week 4 of 🚢 Ship 30 for 30, we started talking about Twitter threads.

Years ago, I didn’t understand Twitter. Then I hated Twitter. I deleted my account.

By meeting people whose intelligence I respect and love using Twitter, I realized I was simply using it wrong.

Twitter is just a tool. Of course, I am quite sure its algorithms do not optimize for kindness and polite conversations, that’s not what generates more engagement.

I get to choose who I follow, though, and so far it seems that I am on a good path.

I find it extremely interesting to try and fit ideas in shorter form, so after Atomic Essays, tweets sound like a good exercise. I have set for myself a goal to become at the same time more concise and more clear with my writing.

Tonight I experimented with a Twitter thread, here it is:



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