One tip for people who wear clothes and want to save time

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The context

If you are reading this and are human, the chances are high that you have a habit (and an obligation) of wearing clothes. Such is the world.

If you are lucky, you can also choose what to wear, and buy new clothes regularly.

Choice is like Lasagne. In the right amount, it is the best thing in the world, but if you have too much, you end up regretting it.

The maths

Habits in clothing vary wildly across longitudes, latitudes, and everything in between. Let’s say, though, for the sake of keeping things simple, that the average human brain dedicates about 15 minutes per day to dress the body that carries it.

(I don’t care if that’s not precisely the time that you, who read this, take each day, I said “average,” after all, that should do the trick.)

Fifteen minutes per day equals 91 hours and 15 minutes every year, and 15 more on leap ones.

Life expectancy varies wildly across the planet. I’ll use 80 years considering that you have time to read this, you have clothes to choose from, and you can dedicate time to do that every day.

If you start following my advice at 20 (which works well to use round numbers but is not realistic, as 20 something don’t follow advice), you can save those 91 hours and 15 minutes a year (and 15 more on leap years) for 60 years. That’s 5,478 hours and 45 minutes, considering the 15 leap years.

So assuming you are awake 16 hours a day, that’s 342 days of awake time.

Almost one year!

The Tip

It’s simple: remove the choice. Choose an outfit you like, buy many copies of it, wear the same every day. I know I made it sound like a joke, but I really do that.

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