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One roadmap format that gets stuff done for cross-team software product leads

A minimal concession so that your roadmap can thrive even in hostile environments.

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“Let’s meet in the Metaverse.” –A tale of a 1-1 meeting in VR

I'll stick to Zoom for 1-1 meetings until I can have them in a more exotic spot.

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I am saving time and energy wearing the same thing every day. Here’s how I do it

I also save a ton of time shopping, as I can renew my closet with a single Amazon order.

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2022-01-151 Comment

One tip for people who wear clothes and want to save time

You will also save energy and money, but I only have 300 words, so we'll stick with time.

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Three quotes by Richard Feynman for new Product Managers to start with the right foot

Feynman was a Physicist, but his principles translate well for Product Leads.

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A lightbulb, a lens, and a laser walk into a bar…

A metaphor illustrates the three phases of creation: divergence, convergence, and focus.

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Product Management 101: you don’t make it; you make it happen

The Product Lead is a Jazz band conductor, not an orchestra conductor.

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Product Management 101: Expanding the Middle

The Product Lead role is a balancing act between UX, business goals, and technical debt.

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Your real priorities always win, even when it sucks

Let's stop lying to ourselves about the time we can't find. It was never really lost.

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