Palindrome day

Today is 02/02/2020

It’s the only date in this century that reads identically in both directions regardless of whether you prefer to start your dates with the day or the month…

I’m not even judging.

I think people should feel free to write their dates as they wish, drink cappuccino whenever they want, and be allowed to use ounces to measure volume AND mass if that’s what they are into.

That such preferences don’t matter though, makes today just a bit more special.

In case you wonder, the last time this happened was 11/11/1111 and the next is 12/12/2121

Here’s an article with more details about this special day, and in case you can’t access it, a website that lists many palindrome dates.



3 responses to “Palindrome day”

  1. James Grierson Avatar

    My favorite by far is the TacocaT.

  2. Andrew Goff Avatar

    I would be more impressed if it were a Paoloindrome!
    Note it also works for YYYYMMDD: 20200202

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