You may recall that a few months ago I shared with you the news about .blog, the new TLD that was to be launched soon (the TLD being the portion of a domain name after the dot).
I have been working on this project for quite a long time, close to two years.
Last week, on August 18th, we passed a significant milestone, with the beginning of the Sunrise period: sixty days during which trademark holders around the World can apply for the domain names corresponding to their brand. Sunrise domains will become active at the end of the period, between October 17th and October 26th.
During the same period, we will enable some .blog domain names as part of our Founders Program, as a way to promote the new extension, and showcase it.
I am very proud today to change the address of this blog from to, as I feel that the new address reflects much better who I am and what this site is.



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  2. Matt Avatar

    Pretty baller, you must have known someone important on the team!

  3. Sonja Leix Avatar

    Congrats Paolo and team!

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