The Twilight Zone

I am flying from JFK to VIE tonight, a car dropped me at terminal 4 at 16:00, and by 16:15 I had been through check-in and security. New security check program, I got to keep everything on me, belt, coins, jacket, rings, shoes. No need to take iPad out of bag.
I must have been transferred to a parallel universe, or 20 years back in time…



4 responses to “The Twilight Zone”

  1. ZigomaD Avatar

    *The 20 years back thing
    Yeah, I know by now I should stop putting funny signs that erase my words. But every time I use these “…” it seems the screen is going to quote it with fingers.

  2. ZigomaD Avatar

    Because you’re luuuucky 👽 And also watch out for the thing : no Ipad to be found in the specified time zone 😁

  3. Sheri Avatar

    When I travel, I’m constantly waiting for disaster to strike. 🙂 I’d love to have more trips like the one you’re describing though!

  4. Paolo Avatar

    Update: Swiss decided to upgrade me fit free to business… not sure where I am, but please don’t send me back…

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