Visa to India

Third in our new “recipes” series: the Visa to India

  • Original Passport (must have at least 2 blank visa pages).
  • One original signed visa application.
  • One copy of Austrian ´Meldezettel’.
  • 1 recently taken passport photo (51mm x 51mm against a light background, maximum head size 3.5cm).
  • 2 Letters of Invitation.
  • Conference Organiser Clearance letter.
  • Conference Organiser Clarification letter.
  • Endorsement Letter from US employer on company letterhead.
  • Copy of 3 months of bank statements.
  • Copy of CV or resume.
  • Flight and Hotel confirmations.
  • Visa fee of 101.20 Euros in cash – no credit cards. Please bring extra cash.

Print all the above on 36 pages in A4 format, mourn the loss of a tree, then get psychologically ready to spend some time in a waiting room, at least twice.
Interesting that obtaining a visa to attend a conference is way more complex than a tourist visa.



2 responses to “Visa to India”

  1. Jeremy Avatar

    Interesting! Why couldn’t you get a tourist visa for that conference? That’s what I got last time I traveled to India for a conference. The tourist visa is great, it’s as simple as filling in the ESTA form when travelling to the US.

    1. Paolo Belcastro Avatar

      This is a very good question. Probably the fact that give we are organizing a .blog launch party, the stakes are a bit high and the visibility too. We can’t afford any glitches along the way, so better invest the time beforehand.

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