What am I looking for in a Personal Relationship Management app?

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I am testing 10 PRM apps to become a better friend.

I am not performing super exhaustive reviews or following a very scientific method. However, I still want to remove biases by using the same criteria for the apps in the test. Some are blockers, and I’ll stop my test if I encounter any, but most won’t be.

I am a flexible user.

I want an app pleasant to use.

Extremely subjective, of course.

I need to use it daily to be effective, which translates into the following:

  • Design. Clarity and readability come first: lots of negative space, fonts easy on the eyes, great interaction feedback—bonus points for respecting interface norms proper to each platform.
  • Performance. It must be snappy! I have no tolerance for waiting once I click on something.

I don’t want to be locked into a platform.

This one is easy.

I use iOS most of the time, but occasionally I’ll switch to an Android phone or use both simultaneously. I only use apps that work on both platforms. If the mobile web experience is great, that’s fine.

I don’t care particularly about native apps.

Integrations FTW

The more, the better!

I hate entering data manually; therefore, I value the ability to import new data from emails, calendars, address books, messaging apps, and social networks. Most of my social interactions are in Telegram, Slack, and Signal. I also use Zoom, but those calls are generally in my calendar.

I want automation but also control over what to import or not.


I don’t like constraints.

I need to store my contacts, with some metadata and their relationships with me and among them. I want to set reminders to get in touch at selected intervals and record interactions and notes.

I am happy with an app that can do more if it doesn’t force a rigid workflow or requires strict data entry.


I don’t mind paying.



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