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Distributed vs Remote

The future of work is remote, or even better, distributed, an evolution that the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated in the past 18 months.

These two concepts are fundamentally different. In this essay, I want to highlight the differences between distributed and remote work. I also want to make a case for why distributed organisations are more effective than traditional or remote ones.

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Good Morfternight!

For more than ten years, I have been leading teams at Automattic, a company of close to 1,800 people across 90 countries.

We are a fully distributed company, and every employee works from the location of their choice.

The majority of the communication is text-based and happens asynchronously, yet meetings still exist.

I share a few tips for meeting organisers that have helped me run successful meetings over the years.

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2021-09-292 Comments

So long Sir Clive, and thanks for all the fish

Sir Clive Sinclair left us at the age of 81. He changed my life, and yours too, here's how.

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Constraints Spark Creativity

I am not very good at making small decisions. Over time, I built a system to avoid getting stuck in those situations. It works by transforming a series of recurring small decisions into a bigger one with a higher impact.

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Time Management

I want to share the system that dramatically increased my well-being and productivity over the past two years.

I want to be candid too, and completely honest: time management has never been my forte, and as long as I can remember, I tried to fit too much in each given day. As a result, I would inevitably fall into the trap of long nights and even longer weekends.

me, I had to build it piece by piece, and this means that if I could do it, so can you!

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2020-08-312 Comments

System Resilience

Little did I know towards the end of last year, while setting up a system to allow my professional growth, that it was going to become the lighthouse bringing me to safe harbor during the tempest.

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Personal Scalability

Ever had a moment you felt you couldn't scale? It happened to me about three months ago, in the middle of the summer, about three months in a new role.

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A day in my life as an Automattician

I work for Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com
We are a fully distributed company, which means that we all work from wherever we are, where want to be. With 280 people as of this day, this represents an extremely interesting experiment about what the workplace of tomorrow could be.

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On communication within a distributed team

A team can be distributed in many different ways, one of the biggest differentiating factors being the distance between team members, wether they are located in different cities, countries, but most important: different time zones.
While time difference has some very positive side effects, like making it possible to reach 24h/day coverage without actually asking people to work at night, it also happens to be one of the biggest changes to adjust to, as some team members' working hours may only overlap shortly, or not at all.
Enters: async communication.

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The end of time

Time as a metric to evaluate work and production might have been justified during the industrial period following the introduction of the production line by Ford. When the machines and not the workers decide of the rhythm, it might make sense to pay workers by the hour.
When that doesn't happen though, when the added value is intellectual and not manual, usin

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