Day 42

Today is day 42 in my 84 days sabbatical leave, otherwise defined as “halfway”, or the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything”… Instead of answers, this weekend I filled my head with questions, after reading a great article about what the future of Artificial Intelligence could be. If you haven’t […]

Day 18

I'm taking advantage of the free time to do a long due check up, and today I had my first appointment with the ophthalmologist. The result is that at 46 and having spent half of my time looking at a computer screen for more than three decades my eyes still work great: the right is […]

Day 15

On the subway platform, this afternoon, with Zoé: Me: “Hey, Zoé, do you know how many people live in Vienna?” Her: “Nope” Me: “About 1.8 million” Her: “Why do you need to know that? In case you want to check if anyone’s missing?” 😀

Day 14

Today’s the end of the second weekend of my sabbatical, and as I unilaterally decided, the end of “Phase 1“… The assiduous reader will notice at this point that I never mentioned that there would be “phases” during this leave. Well, guess what? That’s one of the privileges of sabbaticals: you get to make the […]

Day 12

I have mentioned WordCamp Europe a few times here since 2013, and as recently as two days ago, and as we just published the wrap-up post for the 2017 edition, I want to share it here, to paint a slightly more detailed picture of the event. WORDCAMP EUROPE 2017 IN PARIS, IT’S A WRAP! After a few […]

Day 10

Just two weeks ago, I was in Paris, on the eve of WordCamp Europe 2017. Today, after wrapping up the event, paying the last vendor invoice,  gathering feedback from the team and sharing mine, we had one last hangout.  I have been involved with WordCamp Europe in a role or another since the first edition in 2013, […]