Day 81

My sabbatical leave is almost finished, with three days left and a deep dive back into the world of Automattic next Monday, when I’ll have the immense pleasure to meet my 600 colleagues face to face, many for the first time, in Canada.

That’s a pretty intense way to go back after such a long time, but I was given the opportunity of easing smoothly back into “professional” mode by attending the Mind the Product workshops and conference today and tomorrow!

So, here I am, back in London, looking forward to learning as much as possible, while subtly shifting my brain structure in preparation for next week.

Day 42

Today is day 42 in my 84 days sabbatical leave, otherwise defined as “halfway”, or the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything”…

Instead of answers, this weekend I filled my head with questions, after reading a great article about what the future of Artificial Intelligence could be. If you haven’t read it, take the time, it’s a pretty long read, but really worth it: The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence by Tim Urban on Wait but Why

I had read a couple of their articles in the past, without connecting them to the same author, I foresee some time will be spent on that site in the next days.

On other (good) news, as the frequency of my posts here might have suggested, I managed to get used to the fact that life doesn’t all happen in front of a laptop.

It also happens on a smartphone: yesterday with Eva we caught both Lugia and Articuno… The expression on her face when she caught each of the two legendary Pokémon was well worth meeting 50+ strangers and walking 10km overall 😉

Day 18

I'm taking advantage of the free time to do a long due check up, and today I had my first appointment with the ophthalmologist.

The result is that at 46 and having spent half of my time looking at a computer screen for more than three decades my eyes still work great: the right is perfect, the lefty a tiny bit far sighted, but well within what I can compensate without fatigue.

Interesting enough, in May, in Amsterdam during a conversation about the subject I started doubting about my sight.

The only explanation I have is that a few weeks of rest can actually fix many things, including tired eyes.

I'll try to keep that in mind when I go back to work in September.