The promise of Uphabit sounds exactly like what I am looking for, a “Personal CRM for thoughtful Super Connectors.”

Whatever a “Super Connector” is, the words “Personal CRM” and “thoughtful” were enough to add the app to my list.


I am still trying to understand what the app does or what a “Super Connector” is. On top of that, the macOS app is, in fact, the iPad app, with literally no adaptation to larger screens. It’s a terrible experience.

I guess we’ll never know…

I connected the app to my Google calendars. It spent a while importing events, then offered me to deduplicate a bunch of contacts. I clicked to see the list of dupes, and I am still waiting.

iOS and Android native apps. The macOS app only exists because Macs can run iPad apps, providing a jarring experience.

A Salesforce integration is promoted heavily on the site, another signal this is not what I am looking for. I am looking for an app to manage my personal relationships, not close deals.

No idea. I haven’t been far enough; I can’t make it work.

A free plan allows unlimited contacts but only ten relationships and five introductions, whatever these are. Then you get unlimited relationships for $50/year and unlimited introductions for $70/year.


Not the app I am looking for.

The performance issue might be a fluke, so I won’t eliminate it on that basis, but the terrible macOS experience and the fact I can’t figure out how it works are enough for me not to insist.