Here’s how I gather all external inputs with Roam Research, RoamJS, and Telegroam

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Daily notes are at the center of everything.

In 2020 I discovered Roam Research and its focus on the daily notes page.

It is the tool I had been looking for for years. We too often see, between our calendar, our notes, and our tasks, a separation that doesn’t make any sense. They are not parallel streams. When I have a meeting, I take notes and create follow-up tasks. When I think, I take notes, and maybe I need to schedule a meeting. If I am working on a task, I also take notes, and I may need to schedule a presentation.

Events, notes, and tasks are tied in a loop, each feeding into the next.

Importing my calendar events with RoamJS

My calendar contains everything I have to do, not just meetings.

Each night the RoamJS Google calendar extension imports the events and tasks for the upcoming day. Using a custom SmartBlocks template, it inserts them in the daily note for the day. This process is essential to my workflow for two reasons: First, it allows me to add notes related to each event as they occur. Then, it enables me to check tasks as I finish them.

Any task I couldn’t get to is left unchecked, ready to be rescheduled.

Funneling my other content to Roam

There’s a lot more than calendar events and notes I take at my desk.

  • Readwise exports all the highlights I gather to Roam to have them at my fingertips when needed.
  • Quick Capture, which is a feature of the Roam web app on mobile, is handy to add thoughts when on the go.
  • Telegroam is an extension, bringing anything I send to a Telegram channel ad-hoc to my Roam graph, allowing me to share from any app on my laptop or iPhone directly to Roam.

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