Morfternight #34

May 18, 2022
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MQ Libelle — More photos

👋 Hello Friend, and welcome to Morfternight, 

📖 I recently had the privilege of being involved in a creative process that wasn't entirely digital.

I built my career around the primary goal of never dealing with the analog (a.k.a. brick & mortar) world for professional reasons. I thoroughly appreciate the comfortable life that lines of code and pixels on a screen enable.

Nonetheless, I admit that holding the fruit of your work in your hands presents an almost exotic charm.

I did very little work on this project. All the credit goes to the writer.

I merely assisted with preparing the files for printing a book: La Dame du Treize.

The book is written in French, and I strongly recommend it if you speak the language. 

If you don't speak French yet, you can learn or wait. Maybe you'll succeed, or perhaps it'll be one day translated; I'll leave it to you to figure out the most likely to happen.

🔘 I recently discovered a great Tik Tok channel

@mathletters. Here's an incredibly clear explanation of the Montecarlo method applied to approximating the value of 𝛑.

One must admire the elegance of using random events to evaluate something so specific yet mysterious as 𝛑.

👥 Do you have 1-1 meetings with your boss or the people reporting to you?

I have held more than 5,000 of these meetings in the past 10 years. I recently shared a few tips on LinkedIn (I am experimenting there).

Here’s the tl;dr, but you can read the whole post here:

  1. Hold 1-1s weekly.
  2. Do not multitask!
  3. Never cancel the meeting.
  4. Share an agenda ahead of time.
  5. Don’t treat them as status reports.
  6. Answer all questions thoroughly and kindly.
  7. Practice radical candor about both participants
  8. Close knowledge gaps about plans, strategy, and org.
  9. Be consistent with your answers. Easy if you tell the truth.

If you find this helpful, please forward this newsletter to a friend or colleague, or share the LinkedIn post with your network! 🙂


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