Morfternight #35: Learning in public.

May 25, 2022
3 min read
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👋 Hello Friend, and welcome to Morfternight.

Today, we run a pseudo-scientific experience together!

You may notice a few things a bit different in the layout of Morfternight, and for a bunch of you, maybe see something even further: this newsletter is not in your SPAM folder…

So, here I am asking you for a small service:

  • If you are reading this and haven’t seen Morfternight for several weeks, could you drop me a short note by replying to this email?
  • If you are reading this but receive Morfternight every week, I’ll be happy to hear from you too, but let me know if that’s the case.
  • If you are not reading this, I guess I can’t ask much then. 😆

I heard reports of Morfternight finding its way to SPAM folders for some, so I am trying to figure out if I can improve that.

✍️ Learning in Public

As I just finished the challenge successfully (I had decided to tweet every day, and so I did), I just started #pencilpirate30, a similar adventure, but where we learn to draw atomic (a.k.a. simple and quick) illustrations to accompany written context or replace it.

Every day there’s an exercise in the shape of a prompt, and the goal is to draw the corresponding illustration, possibly very quickly.

Without further ado, I present you days #1 to #4:

day #2: Draw 10 objects you can see around you using the visual alphabet.
day #3: Draw 5 people of different sizes & using different shapes.
day #4: Draw a scene of people, e.g., drinking at bar, playing sport, eating meal

🛰 Voyager 1 is still working (and Voyager 2 also)

Here’s the thing: Voyager 1 was launched in 1977 and has since traveled 23 billion (with a B) kilometers (14.5 billion miles), and its systems still work.

The thing is BEYOND the limits of the Solar System. It’s the farthest human-made object ever.

Now apparently, it started returning incomprehensible data, and this brings two questions to my mind:

  1. Is it possible that it’s gone far enough to attract the attention of whatever alien super-intelligent life form is in charge of the Fermi paradox, and they are scrambling the signal, so we don’t discover them?
  2. The thing has been traveling for 45 years! Why do we need to constantly change appliances, devices, cars, and everything else we build when 45 years ago, we were already capable of making computers that would keep working IN SPACE for half a lifetime?

📷 My photos have a new home

They used to live on, which I now reserve for written content. The photos are from last weekend hosted at

The migration is both an attempt to separate text and photos so that each site can be optimized for a content type and a statement about my decision only to shoot black & white photography.

Last but not least, is also an e-commerce experience for me to learn how to use WooCommerce, and for anyone who would want to buy framed prints (the shop is still a work in progress, though, and contains only one collection, “Bims.”)


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