Morfternight #31

Focus — More photos
👋 Hi!
For those who were already Morfternighters back in January/February, you may remember that I participated in 🚢 Ship 30 for 30.

It’s a cohort-based course to learn how to publish consistently online. The focus here is less on long-form writing and sharing feedback with other people and more on publishing often and gathering data about people’s reactions and engagement.

At the beginning of this year, I learned that I could write a 300 words essay each day for more than two months.

I decided to join the April cohort again, focusing on Twitter and gathering some data about what happens when I publish there more often.

Here are two threads I wrote since we started:🔮 Speaking of Twitter, you probably heard Elon Musk is perhaps acquiring it.

People seem to freak out a bit, sometimes with good reactions, like remembering that there are platforms like Tumblr or where one can publish online and own their content.

I can’t but remember a few years ago when everyone was freaking out at the Instagram privacy changes, and it felt like everyone was going to leave… and in the end, absolutely nothing happened.

Of course, I am absolutely unqualified to comment on this Twitter acquisition.

So hear me out.

• Nothing exceptional is going to happen.• No, everyone won’t leave Twitter.• Freedom of speech won’t be forever changed.• Bots will keep spamming.

Keep calm, and carry on.🎧 I promised to talk about focus in Morfternight, and this week I’ll keep my promise, even though I’ll do it with one last shameless Twitter plug.

Here’s how I set up my phone to limit distractions.
With this, the time has come to make a promise:

I will not share tweets again in the future. It was a one-time stunt! 😆

If you are interested in what I publish there, just follow me @p3ob7o.


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