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📷 Photo of the week

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👋 Good Morfternight!

I already changed the greetings above several times as I tried to estimate when I’d hit the “Publish” button.

Less than ten years ago, being able to say “hi” to family and friends from a plane crossing the ocean for the first time amazed me (and them). That last pocket of the disconnected world is almost completely gone now that most planes offer a wifi connection.

It remains a fantastic feat, though, and if you ever forget that, the price airlines charge you for the privilege to keep working while in the air over Greenland and Canada will remind you of that.

I am flying to Los Angeles today via Denver. We used to have a direct flight from Vienna to LA, but it must be seasonal because I took it last summer, but it is unavailable now.

Here’s something interesting I discovered while preparing for this trip: as I fly into LA, and then on Friday, I fly back from San Diego, the airline could not realize I had a return ticket automatically. Consequently, I couldn’t get my boarding pass online because “LAX (Los Angeles airport) has a policy of not accepting visitors who don’t have a return ticket.”

You heard it here first: if you plan to migrate illegally to California, you better have a return ticket.

🗺️ Three places to visit today

  1. In Virtual Reality Is Made for Strategy Work, KP Frahmexplains VR’s value in allowing us to see things differently to improve strategic thinking.
  2. Jason Knightuses “Love Actually” to teach 9 lessons to Product Managers. He’s simultaneously hilarious and fitting.
  3. Artificial intelligence is helping us decode animal languages, and I am not sure if it’s incredibly exciting or a terrible thing. I doubt they have nice things to say to us.

✌️ That’s all, folks!

In just more than one week, I’ll be on sabbatical leave for three months. As a result, I’ll have more writing time, so you can expect Morfternight to get longer.

Right now, though, I am preparing for it, which results in the opposite.

Go figure… 😉


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