Morfternight #74: Focus, Work, Wait, Ride

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Today a playful photo in a brutal environment. We talk about traveling and scheduling newsletters. Instead of articles, I share a few sources, then we dive a bit deeper into my photography.

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📷 Photo of the week

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👋 Good Morfternight!

Morfternight has been written in advance for the first time! I scheduled it to be sent on Sunday, leaving to the magic of technology to reach your mailboxes at the right moment.!

Not that much ahead of time, just about nine hours.

It is now Saturday evening; tomorrow, Sunday, when I usually send out Morfternight, I’ll be traveling to Italy.

The first part of my sabbatical leave, which mainly involved chilling at home and resting, is now over. The second part begins tomorrow with a short trip to Genova, where I was born, followed two days later by an overnight crossing of the Mediterranean Sea to reach Palermo, where I will spend a few weeks.

I haven’t been to Italy in several years, and it’s been a while since I spent more than a week there. A genuinely long time, actually, several decades.

I look forward to sending a few issues of Morfternight from there and, if I can, to building a habit of writing a day in advance so that I can be more regular in reaching your inbox.

🗺️ Three places to visit today

Instead of isolated articles, today I decided to share three sources.

  1. The first place is Yakread. With a Yakread account, you can access a curated selection of newsletters and the ones you want to subscribe to using the personalized email address they provide for you.
    Full disclaimer: I submitted Morfternight to Yakread to reach more readers, and using the link above to sign up (for free) will help increase its visibility.
  2. The second is Artifact, a news feed powered by AI to match your interests. I started using it yesterday, so it’s too soon to say if it works well, but it’s interesting for several reasons. First, the app is developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the duo at the origin of Instagram. Then, it takes into account memberships, and subscriptions to publications, something all other apps I tried in this space failed to do. Finally, at first glance, it is very well designed.
  3. The third place today is my short list of recommendations on Substack. No one has time to read dozens of newsletters, but if you are interested in Product, Leadership, and Engineering, these five are strong.

📷 Let’s talk photography for a change

The first four sets of photos in my People of Vienna series are now live!


I am super excited to get there finally, and I can’t wait to publish the next one.

These series represent a significant personal achievement.

For the first time, I made humans the primary subject of my photos and worked on specific themes instead of just random images.

I hope you’ll like them, but please share your unfiltered feedback even if you don’t; I can’t improve without criticism.

👨🏻‍💻 From the blog, last week

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