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👋 Hello Friend, and welcome to Morfternight,
🇸🇪 I greet you today from Stockholm, Sweden, where I attended a conference, and have been reminded, once more, that true power belongs to distributed teams that make, every once in a while, the effort to travel to the same location to create those bonds that only time spent together can establish.Speaking of distributed teams, I wrote about the difference between Distributed and Remote some time ago.

Yesterday I tried to illustrate that with a simple drawing:IMG_0013🗞 This week, the creator of a free marketing newsletter aimed at new marketers about to graduate and start a new career got in touch with me.

I checked the archives and found it interesting, so I am recommending it to you:

Highrise — Free marketing news and actionable strategies right in your inbox every week.📺 Through Highrise, I discovered a great article dissecting how recent great successes like TikTok didn’t suddenly appear out of nowhere but were the result of years of failures and iterations by multiple companies: The Boneyard Principle: Why the Next Big Thing will Emerge from a Failed Idea.


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