To celebrate my new job as an Happiness Engineer at Automattic's, I replaced my two iMacs with a brand new MacBook Pro.
After working exclusively on Apple laptops since 1994, one year ago I switched to the iMac. To two iMacs exactly (27", Core i7, 8GB Ram and 1TB HDD each), one at home and one at my office.
I kept both synchronized through and everything worked quite well as long as, when on the move, an iPad was enough to check my emails.
Now, things have changed, and when I travel I need a real laptop again. I went to Vienna to meet my teammates for a week with a MacBook Air, and once back it was obvious to me that this wasn't a good solution.

First of all keeping three Macs synch'ed and up to date was becoming a time eater. Then, as much as I love the Air, I really missed a bigger screen and some extra power.
I was able to return the MacBook Air, but replacing it with a MacBook Pro would not have solved the first issue, and looked like wasting money to me, as I will probably only travel a few weeks per year.
That's when Apple announced the new line of MacBook Pro Thunderbolt, and I decided to simplify my gear without giving up the comfort of the 27" screens.
So, I ordered the best 15" MBPro, 1680x1050 display, 8GB RAM, 2.3 GHz Core i7 and a 512GB SSD, and decided to sell the two iMacs.
Here is my home-office set-up now:

From left to right: the chair that keeps my back safe while sitting for long hours, the iPad, a 27" Apple Display with a 16 ports USB hub, the MacBook Pro in his dock (Henge Docks), and then the HDDs. The first one is a NAS on which I store my music, video and photos, so I can access them from anywhere without filling the internal SSD, the second one is my local CrashPlan backup (a remote backup is also kept on CrashPlan servers). Both are RAID 1 made of two disks each.
A similar setup waits for me at my office, the only differences being on the backup side of things (I have two 1TB HDDs in RAID 1 there used by Time Machine, did I mention I am a bit paranoid when it comes to backups?)