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Hello friend!

This is Morfternight, the newsletter
that bridges time zones.

I talk about personal productivity, leadership, distributed (a.k.a. "remote") work, but also technology, and really anything that tickles my brain and could do the same to you.

In each issue, I share a photo I made, a link to an essay I wrote, a place to visit, online or off, and a few links and reflections sparked by my readings.

I send it each week, on Wednesday. If you subscribe you'll receive it, and if you don't like it, you can unsubscribe whenever you want.

Morfternight, the newsletter that has archives!

More atomic essays, a web3 beef, a web3 debate, and a web3 conversation.

Consistency, Atomic Essays, and Matt Mullenweg Saving the Web.

Masks, more atomic essays, a million-mile journey, and WordPress 5.9

Twitter, Zoom fatigue, win-win relationships, and one atomic essay per day.


Holidays, Billie Eilish, Airplanes, Trigonometry, and Tom Hanks.

 Prime numbers, gas stations, Simon Sinek, and hyperfast planets.

Vaccine boosters, Balaji Srinivasan, Bims as NFTs 

Old Metaverses, learning Javascript, learning in general.  

Polling Morfternighters, NFTs, my Second Brain. 

 Distributed meetings, visiting Space X, abandoned crews.

Number One, Digital Gardens, billionaires in space. 

Birds, pandemic travel, time machines, and Lagrange points.

Dithering, WordPress, Nightjets to Paris, and Parker touching the Sun.

Quiet, Flywheel effects, Jim Collins, Version Control, and Leadership.

web3, Chris Dixon, Naval Ravikant, Bayes theorem. 

White background, local and global maxima, Metaverse.

Theory vs practise, distributed vs remote, Owls and Beetles. 

RIP Sir Clive Sinclair.

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