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Morning Commute

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A short break


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The Imperial Pearl Co

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From my window, London

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Day 81

My sabbatical leave is almost finished, with three days left and a deep dive back into the world of Automattic next Monday, when I'll have the immense pleasure to meet my 600 colleagues face to face, many for the first time, in Canada.
That's a pretty intense way to go back after such a long time, but I was given the opportunity of easing smoothly back into "professional" mode by attending the Mind the Product workshops and conference today and tomorrow!
So, here I am, back in London, looking forward to learning as much as possible, while subtly shifting my brain structure in preparation for next week.

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Paddington Station detail

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Saint Pancras Station

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Paddington Station

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Go home Heathrow wi-fi, you’re drunk

Interesting options to connect to free wi-fi at Heathrow's terminal 2. 
Option one is through Twitter, and here's what you're asked to accept:

Needless to say, I went to check option two, and it's a signup form asking for your title, name, email address, and flight number, but absolutely no validation on any field...
I would have accepted to make a small contribution to your mailing list in exchange of free wi-fi, Heathrow.
You'd have sent me a newsletter, a chance to hook me in or make me leave depending on how interesting or funny you are.
But between giving up everything or nothing at all it wasn't a very hard choice.

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